10 Tips For When You’re Learning How to Surf - Blackdog Surfing School
10 Tips For When You’re Learning How to Surf - Blackdog Surfing School
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10 Tips For When You’re Learning How to Surf

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10 Tips For When You’re Learning How to Surf

It is challenging to learn how to surf. Whether you have just taken up surfing as a new hobby or it has been on your to-do list for years, you need to have realistic expectations. If you don’t put hard work and time into it, you can’t just jump on your foam board and start flying with waves. That is to say, just like any sport, you need to be aware of various factors if you’re learning how to surf. However, once you learn how to surf, it doesn’t take much time to master the skill. And the sport becomes all fun.

If you’re a beginner surfer, here are ten tips to help you start your adventure and prepare you to catch your first wave.

Tips to Learn How to Surf

Never Try Learning Yourself

This might sound bizarre, but for some people, surfing is a piece of cake. Regardless of how easy this task may seem, learning to surf yourself is perilous. Either join a well-known surf school or attend a surf camp to get surf lessons. Keep in mind that only an experienced professional can teach you the right techniques and skills to become a surfer.  This is crucial to avoid injuring others and yourself, of course.

Choose a Surfboard with a Soft-Top

Your choice of surfboard is, without a doubt, a vital aspect when it comes to learning how to surf.  Luckily, you can find a wide variety of entry-level boards that are not only a lot of fun but also safer for beginner surfers. For instance, surfboards with a soft-top are the best selling foam boards as they make an excellent option when you’re learning.  It doesn’t bruise or hit you hard when you’re practicing.

Practice your Pop Up

You might feel dorky doing pop-ups on your surfboard but trust us, it will help you a lot in keeping balance on the water.  All you need is to lay your foam board on the sand (you can dig a small hole for the board’s fins to set in properly and avoid damage) and lay down straight.  

Practice your pop-ups to improve your speed and skill to stand up on a wave. Note that a fluid pop-up is a key to maintain balance on the water, and learning a quick and controlled push-up will perfect your motions on the beach. The movements will come to you easily when you’re surfing.

Find the Right Spot for Paddling

Many beginner surfers struggle when they learn how to paddle. They often paddle too far back in the board that makes it go slow. On the other hand, some surfers at the beginning stage paddle far up on the board that pokes their mouth underwater.

Both ways are not right to paddle when you’re learning how to surf. It is essential to find the sweet spot (where your board doesn’t’ go back or up) and mark it with wax. Try to paddle in the same position to make your surfing perfect.

Choose a Safe Surfing Destination

Choosing a surfing spot appropriate and suitable for beginner surfers is vitally important for your surfing success. You must choose a beach with steady and good waves and can keep your learning process smoother. It is essential to learn how to tackle and handle small waves before attempting bigger ones. Even if you feel ready to face large waves, upgrade your surf spots gradually.

With the right surf spot, you won’t take much time to learn how to surf and enjoy your adventure sport.

Summing Up

All in all, nobody ever jumps on a foam board the first time and barrels overhead waves without any difficulty. That means, like other sports, surfing also needs a great deal of time and effort. It is important to seek a professional’s help to learn and become proficient at it. There are many surf schools that offer surfing courses.  Get some surf lessons from a surf school and follow the given tips, you will be on your way to turn into a great surfer.

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