Best beaches to learn how to surf in Byron bay - Blackdog Surfing School
Best beaches to learn how to surf in Byron bay - Blackdog Surfing School
Take a surf lesson in Byron Bay, where the sand is soft and the waves are famous. Blackdog Surfing Byron Bay, est. since 2001, will have you standing up frothing on your first lesson... Or come again for free!
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Best beaches to learn how to surf in Byron bay

best beaches to surf in byron bay

Best beaches to learn how to surf in Byron bay

Byron Bay is a mecca for surfing, and with its warm turquoise waters facing three directions, there’s a guaranteed wave for everyone. Whether you’re just paddling out for the first time, or you have been a keen surfer for a while, Byron has everything in place for an unforgettable surf trip.

Let’s have a look at the best breaks in Byron Bay if you want to learn how to surf.

The Pass

the pass surfing

One of the most iconic surf breaks in Byron Bay is The Pass, With its long, peeling right-hand waves, it attracts people from all over the world. And you’ll understand quickly why. The crystal clear waters and stunning views over the mountains make this the perfect spot for a day on the beach or to paddle out on your longboard. This spot is a beginners heaven, with gentle waves that are suitable for all levels. No wonder this is one of the favourite surf spots for our Blackdog Surfschool, so if you spot us around – come say hi!


Wategos Beach

This secluded beach just west of the cape of Byron, is a paradise for long boarders. It is a sheltered spot with calmer seas and known for its full, slow and long waves. With dolphins and turtles often joining you on the waves, it’s a perfect spot if you want to learn how to surf in a little piece of paradise.


Belongil Beach is the most northerly beach in Byron Bay and is suitable for all level of surfers. It is a quieter beach than popular surf spots like the Pass, which makes it an easy spot for beginners when the waves are small. Be careful in bigger swells since the current gets a bit strong here.

The Wreck

The Wreck – Byron Bay

The level of surfing required to surf this break highly depends on the swell, but we would definitely recommend having a look at this beautiful beach. Located right in town, this iconic spot is marked by a part of an old shipwreck sticking out of the water (which you can climb and jump off at low tide!). It’s also a favourite spot for locals to watch the sunset. As a novice surfer, it’s recommended to be careful with the rips and tides.

Main Beach

Main Beach Byron Bay

This beach break is ideal for all level of surfers and since it’s patrolled by the Surf Lifesavers patrol it’s a good spot for beginners to paddle out. Located right in the heart of town, the beach often gets busy in summer but it’s great if you want to be in the hustle and bustle of town.

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